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Left and right brain thinkers
Single minded do-ers

Have you heard this popular myth?

We think our brains are biased - we think being good with numbers & strategy, being logical, analytical, precise & literal makes us left-brain dominant. Or if we’re artistic, intuitive, thoughtful, spatial, if we talk in ‘how’ things are or if our ideas flow freely, we’re right-brainers.

The truth, according to science, is that the sides work together. We couldn’t agree more. Why wouldn’t you use the ideas of both hemispheres to come out on top in this very competitive world?

We are Jackson Marketing - a group of dedicated marketing professionals.

We think customer-first for clients of all sizes in the consumer and business-to-business marketplaces.

We live for solving challenges, drawing on all of our brainpower with single-minded focus on our clients’ success.

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